Welcome to Assi-Ki’s Music World!

In 2003, Auguste Moïse Mindésè AIDASSO (aka Assi-Ki), then 15 years old, launched his 2nd band in the suburbs near Cotonou: Houango.

Young multi-instrumentalist and composer, he wants to enhance the traditional musical culture of Benin, a move their elder brothers, Gangbé Brass Band, started in the 90s.

Houango evolves, when various young musicians join the band and are trained by Auguste and Abel, his brother, who teaches the trumpet.

Alle'sTones - old photo

Abel (left) teaching other musicians

In 2007, Houango becomes Alle’sTones, the Next Generation Brass Band of Benin, composed of 8 young musicians, who, as kids, all attended various choirs and were members of various folk groups and bands.

Auguste, through Alle’sTones, has created a musical style of his own, at the crossroads of Beninese rhythms and Jazz music, mixing cultures and sounds. Thus, Benin percussions (tam-tam, gong, gourd …) meet the modern wind instruments (trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, tuba …).

In 2010, the band records a first album, Drums’n’Brass, and receives the 1st prize in “modern music inspired by tradition” (09/2007 & 09/2010 [FESNAC]).

Alle'sTones - Drums'n'Brass cover

In 2011, to Auguste’s frustration, some of the members prefer to follow other roads and the band ceases to exist.

In December, he’s back on stage with a new, smaller, band for Festival Lissa 2011.

In 2012, he records a demo album who clearly demonstrates the way to go to make Brass Band music become a contemporary genre in Benin. Under the name Assi-Ki, Auguste works on “Brass Evolution“, to take over where Alle’sTones left.

Alle’sTones is dead, long live Assi-Ki!